Wednesday 4. February 2015

Aerial surveying

Aerial surveying am Wednesday,  4. February 2015

Until recently, the accurate surveying of land, buildings or the capacities of land-fill sites, for example, involved considerable time inputs and costs. The use of unmanned aircraft (drones), however, has opened up new opportunities. Drones can aerially survey buildings and land to deliver extremely comprehensive data with a degree of accuracy previously unknown. Vermessung Angst relies on these agile and spatially versatile drones in the areas of architecture, project development, real estate and environmental management not only for surveying but also for inspection and monitoring tasks.

Tuesday 16. September 2014

Geo-Monitoring underground railway

Geo-Monitoring underground railway am Tuesday, 16. September 2014

Currently the underground station Erdberg in Vienna and the tunnel between lines U2 and U3 are being continuously monitored by using geo-monitoring. The monitoring is carried out over the period of rebuilding the traffic junction “Knoten Prater” until 2015. When building movements outside the norm are registered, attendees are immediately informed by the system.

Tuesday 22. July 2014

Chairwoman Michaela Ragossnig-Angst

Chairwoman Michaela Ragossnig-Angst am Tuesday, 22. July 2014

Recently the elections of the Chamber of Architects and Engineers took place for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. The List „WIR Ingenieure“ was chosen by vote for the section Engineers. Chairwoman for the next four years will be Michaela Ragossnig-Angst. 

Monday 24. March 2014

Excellent staff

Excellent staff am Monday, 24. March 2014

At the end of February, five employees passed the exam to become a surveying technician with distinction: Sabrina Eckl, Martin Altmann, Jean-Paul Groß, Peter Haertl and Daniel Kreitschir. This is clear evidence for the Angst Group of the commitment and expertise of its personnel. Patrick Poller also passed the exam to become a surveying technician with distinction in 2006.

Tuesday 3. December 2013

Augarten, Vienna

Augarten, Vienna am Tuesday,  3. December 2013

The Augarten is the oldest, baroque garden in Vienna. In September and October 2013 Vermessung Angst worked on site and altitude plans for the 52 hectar area.  

Wednesday 19. June 2013

Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna

Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna am Wednesday, 19. June 2013

Vermessung Angst is drawing up the plans to revamp one of Austria’s largest high streets.